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What is KL Parking all about?

KL Parking is sorta like a directory crossover weblog site that catalogs parking rates around KL and Selangor, and hopefully the whole Malaysia in the future.

What is the purpose of KL Parking?

Our aim is to educate drivers (or parkers in this context) of the existence of alternative parking areas, and to help drivers reduce the amount of money spent on parking rates alone.

Eventually the primary goal of this site is to drive down the extravagant parking rates around hot spots in cities.

Who are behind KL Parking?

Everyone who visits KL Parking contributes content, so it’s you!

In terms of moderating, managing, doing all the work on KL Parking, Aaron is the one you should be looking for if you find bugs and flaws on the site. Of course, Aaron would love some compliments at any time (so that he would still work for you for free).

Then who is ‘us’?

Us = You and I.


What sparked KL Parking?

It was a project that Aaron started back in 2007 on his old blog. It was one of his just-for-fun & nothing-better-to-do projects during college years. It lay dormant for a couple of years, until December 2009, when he decided to revive this project and help everyone combat excruciating wallet burns when paying for parking.

Who supplies the content for KL Parking?

You. Take a look at our contribute form.

Who is paying for KL Parking?

*points to Aaron*

What is it in for the owner?

Nothing. Aaron does this for free.


There are no plans of monetizing KL Parking at the moment, but any contributions or donations are appreciated to help cover some of the costs.

How do I contact the owner?

Use the contact form to get in touch with us.