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JW Marriott & Starhill Gallery

Normal Parking Rates

First hour: RM2.50
Subsequent hours: RM2.50
After 6PM: RM5.00 per entry

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays
Entry: RM5.00 RM7.00 per entry

Hotel Guests
Entry: RM5.00 per entry

Entry: RM5.00 per entry

Entry: RM7.00 per entry

Fitness/Health Club
Entry: Free for first 3 hours

Other charges
Lost ticket: RM50.00

Operating Hours

24 Hours

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9 Responses

  1. Great find. Thanks man!

  2. I think you need to fix this because it is not per entry daily 5 RM. I just went to starthill and while parked there went opposite to Pavillion and when I went to pay the ticket I was charged 20 RM.

    I went to the guard and asked them how come it is 20 because JW marriot website says it is 5 RM daily. Then he said it is not, it is 2.50 RM per hour. Only after 6 or if you are staying in hotel or weekend, holiday is RM 5 per entry.

    Tried to make complain, but found no point arguing. While I was complaining found few other ppl have the same problem and seems like its a common problem everyone facing.

    They also said they have a signboard. However, it is in such an angle that you cant really notice while coming in.

    In short, had really terrible experience in Parking there today and worse, Mariott website says it is RM 5 daily too

    • I think you have to be vigilant at the entrance of the parking. There’s two entrances at that signboard, so make sure you enter the correct one.

  3. Weekdays is actually per hr but weekends flat rate RM5.

  4. Aaron, photo of signboard with prices –

    taken last month

  5. i got a question, if i enter the parking before 6pm, but park until mid night, izzit count at rm5 or count by hourly ? bcoz i park before 6pm

  6. weekend is RM10 already

  7. I was having a really bad experienced when I parked my car in Starhill yesterday.

    After a long hour parking, the fees is amount to RM24, I was paying RM50 to the machine but it was not acceptable, then I paid again with small notes, unfortunately, I only realized that I didn’t have enough money for the balance of RM5. So, I just ‘cancel’ the payment, surprisingly the machine did not return the monies that I was paid. I had no choice then I went to the car park office that located at Basement 1 to inform the officer (it was already 12.10am) and to claim back my monies.

    The officer is really unfriendly, and not so willing to help, and he was saying the car owner should pay the exact amount instead of assume the machine can understand to human with accepting a big note, it is very very ridiculous for the machine do not accept RM50 note when the parking fees is that expensive!!! Furthermore, the officer’s attitude is really bad!!! This is a luxury mall but the staff don’t even looks well-trained!!!

    It was took me another 20mins to leave the parking after I exchange the small notes with JW marriot’s reception counter. It was very insecure when a single lady to take such long time then only can leave the car park.

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